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On 5th August 2016 tragedy hit our beautiful friend Layth. He had a serious accident whilst out on a cycling trip to celebrate his 40th birthday. The consequences were devastating. He was tragically and cruelly left paralysed from the waist down and has been told he will never walk again. And yet, whilst lying in a hospital bed coming to terms with the magnitude of these life changing events, Layth's concern has been for the wellbeing of his wife, their three children and the reality of their future with no insurance to cover the costs of what's needed to manage their new life. 

Layth is now enduring the long and painful process of rehabilitation in James Cook Hospital to learn and relearn life skills aiming to live a fully independent life in a wheelchair. Many physical changes are needed at Layth's home to enable him and his family find a new 'normal' life together. 

Layth and his wife, Kerry, are determined to ensure their future remains bright, with a house full of love and a life full of adventure. His children want their daddy to have an 'all terrain' wheelchair so he can still be part of the things they loved, den building, forest walks and family trips to the beach.

In addition, Layth has been introduced to a fellow paraplegic who has recently undergone ground breaking epidural stimulation and stem cell therapy abroad with promising results. Layth is looking into this and other treatments. The treatment costs in the region of £50,000.

Layth's warmth and concern for others is woven into the very fabric of his being. He has always been there for us, now it's our turn to be there for him. Please help us support Layth and his family. Any donation will be gratefully received.

Images of Layth's journey

News stories

BBC radio (interview starts 1hr24m30secs). 

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