The PB Challenge

The Path Back 40km Challenge 2016 - 29th October  

As a group of friends we've decided to take on a challenge to support Layth and raise some much needed funds for his treatment and care. It was Layth's 40th birthday celebration when his accident happened. He was with friends on a cycle ride from Newcastle to Seahouses when tragedy struck. The Path Back Challenge 2016 will see us make the journey that Layth was unfortunately never able to complete. 


On the 29th October 2016, in teams of 4, our challenge is to walk the 40 km distance from Amble to Seahouses - finishing at the Bamburgh Castle Inn. We need to complete this in a day so it'll require an early start and a late finish. 

The PB Challenge will be broken up into 3 stages, with each stage being approximately 8 miles long.  

During each stage each team will need to complete a set of challenges. These challenges will be given to each team when they arrive at each Stage.


We'll be taking the coastal route from Amble to Seahouses. 


Stage 1 = Amble to Boulmer (c.9 miles). Starting at Amble Town Square and finishing at the Fishing Boat Inn at Boulmer.

Stage 2 = Boulmer to Low Newton By the Sea (c.10 miles). Starting at the Fishing Boat Inn and finishing at the Ship Inn at Lower Newton By the Sea. 

Stage 3 = Low Newton By the Sea to Seahouses. Starting at the Ship Inn and finishing at the Bamburgh Castle Inn at Seahouses (c.6 miles).

Key information

  • Date = 29th October 2016
  • Start point = Amble Town Square - NE65 0DQ - 7am start
  • Finish point = Bamburgh Castle Inn - NE68 7SQ
  • Teams of 4 - £100 entry fee (to be donated to Layth's justgiving page, remember to state your team name just for a laugh)

Start time - 6.45am on Saturday 29th October at Amble Town Square - NE65 0DQ

We'll be staging a staggered start for each team - starting at 6.45am to 8am. Faster teams will go off last, slower teams off first! 

Our aim is to arrive at the finish point between 5pm and 7pm. Target time is 10 hours!


  1. This looks awesome guys! Well organised. I plan to meet you at certain points - though maybe not Boulmer as there isn't a pub there - but will see you at The Ship Inn at Newton and then again at Bamburgh Castle Inn. As you can see - I am all 'Inn' (but unfortunately no walking.....this year!)
    Thanks, in advance, for all your fund raising efforts with this one. Let's try and make it fun too, so i all thing about some challenges for you all!!
    Look forward to seeing you all on the 29th! Layth

  2. It'll be great to have you there mate. Adam