Meet the teams (Starting Order)


Remember - it's £100 for each team. Please donate £25 per entrant and state your team name. 

1. Howton Hoofers - David Mitten, Simon Goodlife, Michael Armstrong, Andrew Clough

2. Blister Sisters - Emma Brown, Kerry Topping, Jill Hackworth

3. Pop Up Gym - Phil Ternent, Stuart Scott, Ray Austin, Gary Graham

4. The Bostin Brumies - Richard Revel, Adam Revel, Jon Egan, Dave Brevitt

5. Tellytubby Johnson - Andy Maidwell, Tony Murphy, Ally Sym, Nigel Davison 

6. Bladdered by Beadnell - Guy Linkletter, Mark Smith, Patrick Smart, Darren Varley, Dom Wintrip

7. The Alpha Snails - Nick, Tom Calvert, Ian Wardle, Simon Fletcher

8. The 4-Skins - David Scott, Dan Brookbanks, Richard Flynn , Mark Scott, Paul Haveron  

9. And in First Place - Roger Gabriel, Dan Younger, Mark Priestly, Neil Hepburn

10. Charlie's Angels - Steve Denyer, Davey Grant, Simon Hutchinson, Nick Mckenna, Richard Eccleston

11. Not the Bees - Chris Glasper, Dan Horsley, Ian Atkinson, Jack Dunning, Simon Scott-harden

12. The Tri Nations - Michael Mitten, Shaun Cope, Sarah Cope, Robin Cordy 

13. Scud Missiles - John Wight, Dave Tulip, Jimmy Walton, Stephen Thompson

14. The Marathon Men - Gareth Powell, Mark Harisson, Rick Mccordall, Geoff Bedford, Paul Newcombe

15. Golf W@nkers - Neil Glasser, Ashley Lovett, Ed Shoebridge, Simon Dakin

16. Keep the Flayth - Adam Watkins, Martin Wilson, Clive Selman, Justin Perkins

Stage 1 only:

  • Sheila Macphail
  • Terry Collinson

Stage 3 only:
  1. Moaiad Abdulla 
  2. Adele Abdulla
  3. Jeff Briggs
  4. Brian Peacock
  5. Mike Burch
  6. Ann Burch
  7. Nadia Linkletter
  8. Rory Linkletter
  9. Niamh Linkletter 
  10. Peter Harris
  11. Carol Harris
  12. Tim Magill
Total number of walkers = 82

1 comment:

  1. So far we have 72 walkers and it's growing. Fantastic achievement everyone. Adam